The Thicker, the Better

by Laura Kronen on March 29, 2010

Living Proof FULL Thickening Cream

Living Proof FULL Thickening Cream

Can your hair ever be too thick, or too full?   Living Proof – the innovative company that brought you my absolute favorite No Frizz Styling Spray has now launched Full Thickening Cream:  a lightweight cream that leaves hair noticeably thicker and healthier.  This technology based company has a bunch of scientists cooking them up all sorts of breakthrough formulas and inventing all sorts of new materials to help hair look its absolute best.  All of the details about their patented MIT Technology called Beta Amino Esters would bore you to tears, so let me just leave it at this:  if you want naturally full, flowing and touchable hair that lasts all day – go get yourself some.  Sephora $24


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