How To Look Ten Years Younger – Instantly!

by Laura Kronen on November 10, 2010

images-5You do not need a fountain of youth to look instantly younger, although one would be nice.  Follow these simple tips and shave years off of your age.

  • Lose the mommy jeans and granny undies while you are at it.  Nothing says frumpy like a pair of pants pulled up to your waist.
  • Get a bra fitting. You would be surprised how many women go thru life with the wrong size bra doing the girls absolutely no justice at all.
  • Eliminate grey hair – unless you are making a fashion statement (and even then it’s debatable), grey hair is SO unnecessary.  Hide your grey with some lowlights, some highlights or some all out color.  Don’t be nervous experimenting, the great thing about color is you can change it the next day.
  • The right haircut is one of the best anti aging secrets. Bangs can hide years and wrinkles and layering can help focus the eye on your best feature. Don’t underestimate what a new haircut can do for you.
  • Stay svelte. As you get older metabolism slows and you need to do something about it besides wearing your shirts untucked.  Time to get on the treadmill and stop eating the kids left over lunches.  Skinny margarita anyone?
  • Work on an even skin tone. Facials and good skin products produce younger looking skin.  If you cant layer the foundation all over your skin (you didn’t do it twenty years ago, so why should you need it now, right?) at least do some spot treatments.  If you can treat yourself to a facial now and then, you will also see a noticeable difference.
  • Get rid of those under eye circles. you know the ones – they showed up when you first had kids and were sleep deprived and they never went away.   Cream concealer with a yellowish hue is a universal super fix.
  • Brighten your smile. Teeth are so easy to whiten now there’s no reason not to. Take a trip down the dental care aisle at your local supermarket and pick up a few whitening products.  And those teeth whitening sessions at tanning salons are the best bang for the buck as far as I’m concerned.  15 minutes for many shades whiter and the cost is around $70
  • New glasses can be the equivalent of a total makeover.  Time to update your look (and admit you need glasses probably).
  • Get rid of age spots with over the counter spot removers (check out those recommended by Be You Only Better). A dermatologist can also freeze those suckers off with very little discomfort and no down time.
  • Start eating well (its never too late) to maintain your health, your weight and to give you beautiful skin

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