In the Mood Polish

by Laura Kronen on November 15, 2010

In the Mood Polish

In the Mood Polish

If the mood rings from the early 80’s always had you fascinated, you will definitely get a kick out of In the Mood Nail Lacquer. This new shade changing nail polish fluctuates with the temperature or your changing mood. Now you can color yourself happy! $8 In The Mood.

Just in case the nail polish isn’t enough, here are three other surefire ways that you can change your mood (for the better)!

1. Spend the afternoon at Sephora getting free samples.  There is no better mood booster!

2. Surround yourself with the colors yellow and orange. Studies show that people become more joyful in these warm, bright colors, possibly because they remind us of the sun.

3. Visualize your happy place. Maybe it’s the south of France or Disneyland. Where ever it may be, close your eyes and conjure up the image. Changing your mind’s wallpaper to a place you adore will make you happy!


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