Top 10 Ways to Save this Holiday Season

by Laura Kronen on November 23, 2010

holiday shopperWith Black Friday almost upon us, and holiday shopping about to kick into high gear, here are some tips on smart ways to save during the holiday season:

1.  Come up with a holiday shopping budget and stick to it!    It’s easy to get swept up in the moment when you are holiday shopping and spend more than you really want to or can.

2.  Pay cash as often as possible.  That saves you money in interest down the road.   When you do end up spending on a credit card, write it down to keep track of it and review it often.  It is easy to forget

3.  Allow enough time to prep for the holidays.  Last minute running around always results in overspending.

4.  Shop early and online.  You are more apt to put much more monetary consideration into a purchase made from the comfort of your own home than one when you just want to get the heck out of a crowded mall.

5.  The holidays are a great time to use up all of the store credits, gift cards and coupons you have sitting in your wallet towards other’s gift purchases.  If you are anything like me you have quite a few just sitting in your handbag just waiting to get lost. Believe it or not, almost half of all gift cards are never even used by the recipient.

6.  Skip the Christmas cards and send an email instead.  You can include a family picture and an update on what you have all been up to.  It’s just as meaningful as a card. Postcards are also cheaper to print and mail, so consider that as well if you are insistent on something arriving in your loved one’s mailbox.

7.  Wrap all of the gifts yourself.  And be creative about it.  If you have a nice enough box you can just skip the wrapping all together and put a nice bow around it.  You can even have your children color paper and wrap your gifts in that.  Totally meaningful and a money saver!

8.  Whenever you can, deliver your gifts in person rather than shipping or mailing them.  Shipping is incredibly expensive especially when there are large boxes involved.

9. Buy for next year. Right after the holidays everything goes on sale and it is the perfect time to start buying presents for next year. And, besides saving money, as a bonus you will be sipping hot cocoa and enjoying a stress free holiday season next year.

10.  Resist the urge to shop for yourself  Its not easy but it will save you money.


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