Dress like a Winner

by Laura Kronen on July 19, 2011

Dressing for success is about more than wearing acceptable clothing, it is about showing an attitude towards your appearance that reflects your ambition while still maintaining your personal style. Whether in the workplace or even working from home, paying attention to what you pull on each morning will get you into the good habit of trying to be the best you can be.

What message does your image send? Do you feel confident in the way you present visually through what you wear? How well do you understand the image you put across? Image is created by a lot of different factors working together. Physical appearance, dress, voice, manner, the views in which you express yourself and the way you react to the people around you, are just a few of those factors. Impressions are made instantly.

So what is your visual appearance like? Do you grab the first thing you see in the morning or put some thought into what is the most appropriate outfit for that day? Having an extensive wardrobe of all the trendiest styles isn’t really necessary. Establishing your own image and a strong sense of individual personality is the key. You only need a few quality, signature pieces that reflect your individual style and that you can mix and match. You don’t have to look different every day, you just need to look good and look pulled together.

Do you work from home? Get up and get dressed! Ditch the pj’s and work out gear. Put on something smart and comfortable. You are your own personal brand. To be making calls, sending emails and acting in a professional way to run your business, means dressing in a professional way too. Definitely skip the suit, but choose clothes that make you feel like you’re working. Believe it or not, you will be more productive.

Going out to meet a client? Dress appropriately for the occasion. Do your research. You wouldn’t go to a client meeting without knowing something about the company. After all you’re there to win the client’s business and that won’t happen if you dress inappropriately or look like a slob. People shouldn’t judge us by our outward appearances, but of course they do.  All of the time.

All you truly need are five good outfits and then you can mix and match the pieces for different looks.  You can really update and add to any look with different accessories. And remember, killer shoes and a rockin’ handbag make the outfit and are worth the splurge.  If you are looking to create a new image for yourself, personalize the one you have with signature pieces that suit your body type and personal style, or just throw in the towel and start over, contact laura@beyouonlybetter.com


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