A Greater Love

by Laura Kronen on February 14, 2011

Underneath every single human communication, cut into every child’s construction paper valentine, and embedded in the fanciest of poems and love letters is a single hope: “I love you and I want YOU to have my love.”

What only a lucky few realize is that more love exists beyond where the ego can reach. There can actually come a point when the word LOVE is not enough.  It is a limitless love that forces your heart to surrender and to give over to that which is greater than yourself.   It is an unexplainable energy and the subject of many songs, the theme of countless operas, movies and novels and has inspired many a Hallmark card.

This greater love transcends all others. It is a love that is not dependant on another to love you back but rather begins and ends within a person’s heart and is patient and kind and forgiving. This higher form of love is not easily angered, is not selfish and never keeps a record of wrongs – all the while trusting, and protecting its loved one. This love just keeps on giving.

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day and Love in its Highest Form.


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