The Power Of Habit

by Laura Kronen on March 23, 2011

The best way to predict your future is to create it. There is no more powerful guarantee of success, with any endeavor, than through the discipline of habit, and repetition is the catalyst to perfection. Doing something repetitively until it becomes a habit is not anyone’s idea of fun, in fact, it sounds monotonous and boring, but the truth is it is usually very rewarding.

Habit is what leads you to acheive your goal.The forming of a habit begins in the mind. Take for example, exercise. You have to overcome obstacles to getting and staying physically fit for life, but the problem isnt how to do it, it’s sticking to it. There’s are always excuses as to why you aren’t doing it…no time, bad weather, laziness, but if you formed a habit of exercising, it would be a part of your routine that you cannot live without.

Think about it. You brush your teeth every day. You never say “you know what, I’m busy today, I think I’ ll skip a day and brush longer tomorrow”. (at least I hope you don’t!). Because you formed a habit of brushing your teeth every day, you are going to do it no matter what kind of rush you are in.

By devoting fifteen minutes to an hour a day to the formation of any habit you wish to form and doing it faithfully, it will actually be harder to NOT engage in the new behavior that it will be to continue doing it. Keys to success are doing this behavior at the same time every day and with the same surroundings. The more senses you can involve in the new habit, the more likely it is to become ingrained in your brain.

Vince Lombardi (who the Super Bowl trophy is named after) once said, “winning is a habit, but unfortunately, so is losing.” And “once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit too.” Don’t make a habit of quitting.


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