Top Ten Skin Myths

by Laura Kronen on May 19, 2011

Are you approaching your skin care regimen all wrong?  Here are some “rules” you have heard for taking care of your biggest organ.

Not all of them are true.

  1. You must cleanse, tone and moisturize. Feel free to skip the toning. It is essentially stripping the skin and can dry it out.  A good cleanser and moisturizer is all you really need
  2. Wash your face twice a day.  You really only have to wash before you go to bed at night.  Too much washing can be too harsh on your face.  In the morning, the best thing is just some water on your face.
  3. Scrubbing makes skin glow. Overexfoliating leads to extra oil production and that means your skin is going to be worse off than when you started. Resist the urge to exfoliate more than once a week
  4. Dryness causes fine lines. Not true, but dryness makes them show up much more than they would on moisturized and supple skin
  5. Let your best friend insist you get her eye cream.  One size does not fit all with eye creams.  There are so many eye issues to contend with (puffiness, lines, dark circles, etc) and each one does something different.   So do your research before buying. Don’t just go with advice (unless it’s mine)
  6. Leaving a mask on longer than the directions say will give you more benefit. Seems obvious, but overtaking a mask can lead to irritation and breakouts.  Clinical testing has a been done on these products and you should use them as directed
  7. Wearing moisturizer or foundation with SPF means you do not have to wear additional sunblock. Unless you are slathering on a mask of makeup or moisturizer, you arent getting enough protection.  You still need to wear an SPF of at least 30 every day
  8. The more wrinkle cream you apply, the better the results.  You should really have a morning moisturizer and a different night time anti-aging wrinkle cream that contains retinols.  Most active ingredients only really work once a day so applying either on twice is pointless.  And slathering on nighttime cream twice a day will lead to redness, peeling and inflammation if it contains retinols
  9. The best way to get rid of blackheads is extractions. No no no.  Using retinols and a gentle acid peel at home is enough to unlock pores.  Pulling and pressing can cause scarring.
  10. Expensive Skin Care products work the best. This is simply not true, many mass market products are even better than expensive ones. Most active ingredients found in anti-aging creams are similar, she says, whether they are sold by a drug store or a fancy boutique. Expensive skin care products can be good, of course. It’s just that you can usually get something similar for a lot less.

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