Spice Up Your Beauty Routine

by Laura Kronen on May 12, 2011

Not just limited to jazzing up food, spices and herbs can boost the effects of your diet and overall health, and some even have special skin care benefits.

Fennel, when eaten, suppress the appetite.   But did you know that when applied topically it detoxifies the skin and exfoliates dead skin cells?  Nature Girls Bio Luxe Organic Body Treatment Oil, $35 made mainly of sweet fennel helps to temporarily diminish the appearance of cellulite and nourishes the skin.  $35

Cinnamon has been proven to help control blood sugar levels when ingested, but when applied to the skin, it has antimicrobial properties and can even boost brain function. If you cut yourself in the kitchen, grab some cinnamon out of the cupboard and sprinkle a bit on the wound.  Sound crazy?  It’s not. Try Sweet Cheeks Sinfully Smoothing Sugar Scrub by Cake Beauty $30 featuring a warm cinnamon scent.

Turmeric, upon consumption, fights free radicals, acts as a liver detoxifier and has been though to inhibit cancer cell growth.  It’s one of the highest antioxidant spices there is.  Because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric can help reduce redness and inflammation when applied to the skin.  It’s also effective as a antiseptic substance that can reduce blemishes.  Golden Path Alchemy Refine Healing Herbal Serum $46 is formulated with turmeric and 14 other healing herbs to help balance the skin.  DDF Advanced Firming Cream $130 also offers natural age-fighting power—courtesy of the breakthrough Turmeric Complex with glycerin, zinc, and copper. From the very first application, this hydrating treatment fortifies and tightens the skin to reveal healthy, radiant, youthful results.

Ginger boosts the immune system and also is good for relief of nausea and upset stomachs.  Traditionally ginger was used in anti cellulite products and massage oils but now it’s being used more and more in anti-aging skincare products. Try Juara’s Sweet Back Tea and Ginger Mattefying Moisturizer $48 which acts as a gentle astringent as it heals the skin, The Super 3 Minute Facial with Ginger $50 by Dr. Nicolas Perricone delivers intense, tingling hydration while renewing skin for an afterglow that will last. Made with ginger, a feisty little superfood, this golden root stimulates skin for a quick boost of vitality and radiance. Skin is left super sexy in three minutes flat.

Black Pepper is one of the most popular spices in standard American diets and is considered a natural detoxifier.  Although you probably couldn’t consume enough of it to make a difference internally, it can have excellent stimulating and pain relieving properties when used on the skin.  Thalgo Aromaceane Slender $56 is for anyone that is over weight or with localized cellulite or dimpled skin. Your figure will be refined, cellulite will be diminished and your skin will regain suppleness and smoothness.


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