You’ve Just Got to Believe

by Laura Kronen on October 11, 2011

The phrase “You can do it if you just believe” has become so watered down to the point that people just roll their eyes when they hear it. They’ve tried it and it just doesn’t work for them.

I think the reason why such people have a hard time believing is because you have never done it, you have never formed your OWN beliefs.Trace back all your beliefs on religion, politics, money, people, society, and the world in general. You’ll find that the root of the majority of your beliefs came from outside of you, whether it was through your parents, friends, or media.  It’s time to take charge of our own beliefs.  How do you do it?  It’s not simple, but it’s possible!

1.  State a belief – for example, “I will lose twenty pounds.” or “I will start and finish writing my book.”

2. Hammer that belief into yourself.  It’s your responsibility to do that and this is where 90% of everyone fails.  here is where we conclude that the ‘if you believe you can achieve’ idea is ridiculous. So how do you stop that from happening?

  • Write down your belief every day.
  • Put it everywhere you can.
  • Visualize your belief already achieved.
  • Continually associate with those who share your belief.
  • Take action to reinforce the belief.
  • Acknowledge your progress
  • REPEAT all the steps above, over and over!

It won’t happen overnight, it takes time, discipline and perseverance.  Now get out there and BELIEVE!


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