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by Laura Kronen on February 9, 2012

get rid of celluliteThis Hydrating and Firming Body Lotion by LAFACE is otherwise known as the secret cellulite fighter. I had no idea of that when I slathered it on my entire body, but admittedly, it was a lovely firming lotion that instantly made my whole body feel supple, yet tight.

I love that LAFACE  Laboratories doesn’t mention cellulite on the packaging.  It kind of keeps your dignity when a guest is looking for something in your medicine cabinet or under your sink.  We have all done it, at least once, at significant other or friend’s house…sometimes you just need some mouthwash or hairspray.  In fact it has been reported that 70% of all house guests actually snoop  just to see what you have, although I will never admit to that one.

This extraordinary, non-oily lotion contains special plant extracts and is infused with proven operative ingredients that effectively aid in reducing stubborn curves to firm and tighten the skin and accomplishes all of the following:

  • Restores optimum moisture and a lasting elasticity
  • Tightens, lifts, hydrates and firms
  • Aggressively combats the formation of cellulite
  • Helps reverse sun damage
  • Helps reduce the formation of stretch marks

So I can have perfect legs?  Bring it on!

LAFACE Laboratories is a morally responsible company from California, that has acquired all the certifications necessary to verify that the organic and natural integrity not only is in compliance with but exceeds all the rules and regulations required.  Their line is Paraben free, hypoallergenic, and is not tested on animals.

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$65 for 6.7oz at LAFACE Laboratories


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