How to Quiet Your Mind

by Laura Kronen on April 19, 2012

how to quiet your mind

Do you feel as if your head is about to explode from all of the unnecessary chatter happening within your mind?  Here are three tips to help quiet your mind and keep your inner space clean.

1.  Don’t say anything to anyone unless you can say it to everyone.

Whether we admit to this or not, most of us love some form of gossiping. We are also quick to notice fault in others, and then talk about them with our trusted allies. Or we find out about someone’s misfortune and immediately we want to tell somebody. If we really observed our inner space during and after we said these things, we wouldn’t feel very good in our stomach.

When we consciously observe such a conversation, we learn that we have accomplished nothing that feeds our soul. All we did was spread drama and created negative energy and inner conflict that polluted our inner space. Make a commitment to yourself, that you will not say something to one person, unless you can publicly announce it to the world, to everybody. Stop the spreading of drama and bad energy.

2. Don’t say inside, what you cannot say outside.

Most of us are extremely critical of ourselves. Because we would never tell the world what we say to ourselves, in the privacy of our mind, we believe that we are the only ones affected by negative self-talk, low self-esteem, and anxiety. When something doesn’t go perfectly, we are first to blame ourselves, criticizing what we did wrong, what we didn’t do perfect enough, what we missed.

We all have inner chattering, but problems arise when we start to believe in what we are saying, and false beliefs are formed. These beliefs become detrimental to our spirits and future well being, unless we do something to unlearn these beliefs. Next time, you hear the voice in your head say “I’m stupid” or “I’m not good enough” or “I am a failure” or other self-defeating thoughts, recognize that it is not you.  Just sum it up as everything just doesn’t always go our way. Become free of the person within you who is putting you down. You need to be your biggest cheerleader!

3. Don’t say anything unless it is true, useful or kind.

Some people have so much inner chatter that it spills out of them in the form of useless speech.

Observe the people around you, for example, the ones chatting near the water cooler.  If you observe and count the number of things they say that are actually useful or truly interesting, it would be a very low number. Not only is this distracting for those around this person, it also takes an enormous amount of energy for this person to keep talking. Recall the last time you talked for a long time about something random, and how drained you felt afterwards. Plus, the more useless things we say, the more useless things we feed back into our head.

Be conscious of what you say and only say it if it is authentic and from your heart, is useful to someone else, or is a kind or compassionate statement. And every once in a while make a conscious effort NOT to talk.  Not on the phone, not via text and not on the computer. And at the end of such a day, you will feel a tremendous sense of peace, space and energy bubbling inside of you.

Now enjoy the peace of mind.


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