The Next Generation in Exfoliation

by Laura Kronen on April 17, 2012

Le Edge ExfoliatorI have to admit, my skincare product radar piqued when I heard about a natural body exfoliation tool out of Australia called Le Edge.  This amazingly simple, non abrasive, all-in-one tool replaces loofahs, scrubs and pumice stones. When used in the bath or shower, this hand-held ergonomically designed stainless steel exfoliator cleans your skin naturally and non abrasively, removing dead skin cells, dirt, self tanner and toxins. It even prevents razor bumps when used prior to shaving.

Le Edge is great for face, body, arms, legs, and feet! It comes in pink and blue (because this smoothing tool isn’t just for the ladies, the guys should be smooth and buff too! Want to see how it’s used? Check out this video. For more information on purchasing visit Le Edge $39.95


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