The Skin Care Management System

by Laura Kronen on October 12, 2012

Once age starts bombarding your skin with signs of getting older, this idea of gaining wisdom and maturity seems to lose currency. I am always on the hunt for new products to add into my anti-aging arsenal.  But, when it comes to skincare, I had always chosen products from different brands to create the perfect combination of formulas for my complexion and concerns.  I never thought that just one company could fulfill all of my needs, until I discovered Jan Marini, an incredible line created by an incredible woman of the same name.

Jan Marini’s belief that any skin type or condition can be measurably improved is the basis behind her systems. Sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and skin discoloration (just to name a few) can be greatly improved or eliminated through the use of these specialized formulations.  The changes are impressive. Your skin will be stimulated to appear clearer, younger, more radiant, smoother, firmer and healthier.

There are four different systems dedicated to different skin types- for normal skin, oily, dry and for men.  All systems contain the following products that do the following:

  1. Cleanse – Face Cleanser to soften and smooth
  2. Rejuvenate – Face Serum to smooth, firm and lift
  3. Resurface – Bioclear Lotion or Cream which targets textural concerns
  4. Hydrate – To regulate moisture and enhance skin rejuvenation
  5. Protect – Broad spectrum UV protection

It’s been voted “The Best Skin Care System” for the second straight year from my favorite magazine, NewBeauty, in their Annual Beauty Choice Awards. This revolutionary system utilizes synergistic layered technology to comprehensively address all the skin’s needs for measurable improvement in the appearance of common skin conditions.  Jan Marini $295


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