Onsen Anti-Aging Skin Care Collection

by Laura Kronen on November 2, 2012

onsen daily choice peelI recently had the pleasure of trying a brand I didn’t know too much about: Onsen   In the Japanese language, the word Onsen means Natural Hot Springs. There are thousands of highly popular Onsens all across Japan. Overall the Onsen hot spring is known for its relaxing effect on body and mind. Soaking in onsen waters brings with it an immediate effect of calmness, healing and rejuvenation.Their philosophy is for users to experience a holistic, joyous and harmonious relationship with a part of their body that is most exposed to environmental stressors and at the same time, most visible to the world.

Onsen is all about their Powder Technology.  This very fine powder or nutritional booster consists of high concentration of skin specific nutrients; it emulsifies on contact with skin then gets activated to deliver vitamin and mineral enhanced bio-marine nutritional support formula deep beyond the skin’s surface. It also contains Thalassine, a natural ingredient commonly known as ‘Nature’s alternative to Botox’.

Onsen’s Water Technology is their other claim to fame. All of their products contain 100% active solutions. In other words, most skin care products contain 70 to 80 percent water, Onsen systems on the other hand, transform ordinary water into a completely active ingredient that’s infused with skin specific nutrients. The active water is so named because through the activation process, the water molecule structures are reduced and then able to penetrate deeper into skin layers to deliver the active ingredients they carry.

Here are the skin care products that I tried:

Onsen Soothing Eye Cream –  A super light collagen-boosting cream that rejuvenates and it nourishes delicate skin, helping to banish puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and uneven texture. I found it worked best as a daytime eye cream – easily absorbed and able to put makeup directly over without making eyes smudgy.  For night, however, I prefer something a bit heavier.

Tenseless Heat Mask  – This mask is highly unique.  After layering on the muddy concoction and adding a sprinkle of warm water, the mask actually heats up on your face for a few minutes. A super soothing sauna-in-a-jar safely warms away the tension behind clenched-muscled expression wrinkles, furrows and folds. For best results use this mask every day for 30 days.

Daily Choice Peel – A skin-safe formula (that won’t break capillaries) to gradually exfoliate away dulling dead cells, uneven pigment, mottled texture and fine lines. Uncover new skin and each day look younger than the last.  Apply this peel, let it sit for about 20 seconds then remove it by gently rubbing your face in a circular motion.

Daily Hydration – A lightweight but potent collagen-fueled anti wrinkle cream that delivers serious, sensuous hydration and also works to diminish fine lines, plump up skin surface and enhance elasticity.  Just like the eye cream, I found this to be a perfect daytime cream.  It does everything you want it to do with the added benefit of being able to apply makeup right over it.

Onsen is offering all Be You Only Better readers 20% off of their entire purchase at Onsen by using the code beauty20.  Take a look!


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