Healthy Scalp = Sexy Hair

by Laura Kronen on February 18, 2013

scalp treatmentWe slather our bodies in creams, our face in serums and moisturizers, and we even lotion our soles and toes and don socks at night to wake up with super soft feet, but we tend to forget about the tippy top of our head – our scalps –  and shampoo and conditioners just do not do the trick.

Enter Regenerescence Naturelle from Leonor Greyl Paris, the first luxury natural haircare line to focus on scalp health.  This 5 star scalp treatment contains regenerating borage oil and chili rose, skin softening jojoba oil and essential oils of plants, fruits and flowers which stimulate and cleanse the scalp.  Rich in vitamins and amino acids, this nourishing oil dissolves a dry scalp, purifies and energizes and improves the look and feel of the skin beneath your hair within minutes.  It even fortifies hair bulbs to create more hair growth.

Regenerescence Naturelle is eco-friendly and free of silicone and parabens. It is safe to use on color treated hair and after keratin straightening treatments.  Apply to scalp in strips and gently massage in.  Who doesn’t like a scalp massage, even if you have to give it to yourself!  Leave on the treatment for 15 minutes or even all night (under a shower cap so you do not get the oil on your pillow). Then remove with shampoo of your choice.   Leonor Greyl Paris $60


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