Herbagen Eye Contour Snail Cream Review

by Laura Kronen on July 22, 2013

snail extract creamAdmittedly, I was a little hesitant to put anything that had to do with a snail on my face, or within a good ten feet of me.  However, once I got up the nerve, I opened the bottle of Herbagen Eye Contour Snail Cream manufactured by a Romanian Skincare Company called Genmar Cosmetics, and my fear quickly dissipated.

Yes, this eye cream definitely contains garden snail extract (eewww!) otherwise known as Poly-Helixan.  It is a powerful active natural and ecologic ingredient with miraculous regenerative properties for the skin, obtained from the garden snail (Helix Aspersa) and originating in Chile.

Using this secretion, the snail is able to regenerate its shell or skin which is constantly damaged due to its movement on the ground, or other aggressive factors.Poly-Helixan’s composition is high in restorative, complex ingredients: alantoin, proteins, vitamins A, C, E alphahidraxyadicds, mucopolysaccharides,proteolytic enzymes, collagen and elastin.

Studies have shown that Poly-Helixan has miraculous power in reducing skin’s imperfections in humans as well such as those occurring in: old acne scars; keloid after surgery, radiotherapy, dermabrasion, laser treatments or chemical burns; skin burns; skin spots, due to aging or sun exposure; and deepest wrinkles. Truth be told, it immediately tightened the skin around my eyes, brightening the area and softened fine lines.  Even better effects happen after 14 days of continued use. I’ve also decided to use it on a scar I have as well, and have seen marked improvement in less than 2 weeks. Could snail extract be the answer to skin rejuvenation?

If you like to experiment with products that are unique and not spend a ton of money – the Herbagen Eye Contour Snail Cream is only $29.99, then I highly recommend checking this out today. Available at Markastore.com.




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