Got2B Defiant Shine Pomade Review

by Laura Kronen on September 4, 2013

pomadeI’m always pulling my hair back into a ponytail.  Whether it is because it’s so darn hot, or I am working out, or I just don’t have time to blow dry and flatiron, the ponytail is my signature style. Like most women, I have to tame the fly aways and a little bit of Got2B Defiant Shine Pomade rubbed between my palms and then over the crown of my head keeps my hair polished and shiny all day.

This water based pomade dares you to get as creative as you want with your hair, or to coerce your locks into submission. I also use it daily on my boys hair to keep it out of their eyes and looking elementary school cool.

Work a dab or two into damp or dry hair and get styling! Got2B  Approx $5


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