Dr. Lewinn by Kinerase Instant Perfecting B.B. Cream SPF 15 Review

by Laura Kronen on September 13, 2013

dr lewinn bb creamIf you are anything like me, you jump on any skincare product that offers to transform skin into the skin you had before a ray of sunshine ever hit your face. But, all of these products usually come with a swipe of the credit card and a bill the next month that makes you cringe when you get it.

Enter Dr. Lewinn by Kinerase Instant Perfecting B.B. Cream with an SPF 15.  What I thought was just going to be another OK skincare product turned out to be quite impressive . This all-in-one beauty balm instantly creates a luminous glow upon contact,while instantly perfecting and hydrating the skin.

Immediately upon applying the balm, my skin became smoother and more even.  It almost erased my face, in a natural, non-cakey, non-foundation type way.   It contains several key ingredients such as Lumisphere which gives the skin a more even complexion and Kinetin which helps the skin to retain moisture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  This BB Cream also contains Passion flower oil, which is a super emollient that is rich in Vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus, and contains calming properties that have an anti-inflammatory effect–making it great for use as a lightweight coverage for your workout, or as flawless yet minimal makeup.

Theres just one shade of this product, but it worked with my slightly tanned complexion (yes, I enjoy a bit of sunshine – bad me!) and it also worked with my paler, seen too much rain this summer face. I think it rained for 2 months straight in Atlanta!

You can blend this BB Cream with your favorite foundation or use it on its own.  Dr. Lewinn $16


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