Zo Skin Health Ossential Radical Night Repair Plus Review

by Laura Kronen on October 15, 2013

Night Repair PlusEvery time I visit the dermatologist I ask if they have come up with a vat of acid I could dip myself into to start over with my skin. You know, to begin anew with some flawless skin that hasn’t seen the light of the sun. My doctor always gets a laugh out of that, but what he doesn’t realize is, I’m really not kidding. I’d suffer for beauty.

Zo Skin Health recently introduced me to a stellar product that is considerably less painful than the boiling acid I’m willing to take a dive into but produces close to the same results I was hoping for.After using Ossential Radical Night Repair Plus on my face, twice a week, for 2 weeks, my skin peeled and revealed a baby pink, soft, barely freckled face.  I continued to use it, more frequently, as my skin became less sensitive to the product, and the results were dramatic.  If Ponce de León would have found this back in the 16th century, his search for the Fountain of Youth would have come to a screeching halt.

Ossential Radical Night Repair Plus features the highest concentration of retinol in an over-the-counter product.  In fact, it’s 6X-10X higher than traditional retinol products. Retinol causes new collagen to be formed in chronologically-aged skin and skin damaged by UV rays. It is the most effective topical anti-aging ingredient, because it assists in the process of repairing and rebuilding collagen. Given the high concentration of retinol, Radical Night Repair Plus works faster, and more effectively, than any other anti-aging product. And trust me, it works.

This product means serious business. You will peel. No doubt. But as that peeling subsides and new skin cells emerge, skin appears younger, healthier, more even-toned and radiant. Radical Night Repair Plus falls firmly into my Top 10 Skincare Products EVER.  Zo Skin Health $145


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Vanessa October 20, 2013 at 5:02 am

Let me start by saying that I’m loving your Ponce de León reference (teehee!). This sounds like a miracle product! Zo Skin Health products are very pricey in my opinion – similar to ultra-luxury brands like Chanel, La Prairie and La Mer. With their high price point, it should really work. I’m happy to hear that the Ossential Radical Night Repair Plus worked for you and delivered on its promises. I’m willing to spend $145.00 on a product that will effectively rejuvenate and make my skin more youthful. Your review totally convinced me to dodge the bullet and go for it!

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