DazzlePro Smilepacks Teeth Whitening Review

by Laura Kronen on November 25, 2013

dazzlepro smilepacks couponHave you looked in the mirror lately and not loved your smile?  Are your teeth starting to dull from too much coffee or red wine?  Do you want whiter teeth immediately?  If the answer to any of these questions is, “yes”, ladies and gentlemen, I have got the product for you. Keep reading…

You see, I am obsessed with white teeth. I have tried every product under the sun to get my teeth celebrity white. There is one product, however, that stands out above all the rest.  Even the name stands out because it contains one of my favorite words – Dazzle.  The 7 Day DazzlePro Smilepacks will considerably whiten and majorly brighten your smile in just one week.

Effective, fast teeth whitening couldn’t get much easier or speedier. Just place the pre-filled, disposable trays on to your upper and lower teeth and let the makeover magic begin. The safe, enamel-friendly solution immediately gets to work and after a daily 20- to 45-minute treatment and a quick rinse, your teeth will start to whiten and shine. Smilepacks delivers visible results in as soon as 3 days, with maximum benefits in 7 days or less.  Dazzlepro Smilepacks are strong. They need to be to produce such dramatic results.  You might need to use them every other day or every three days, so keep that in mind if your teeth or gums feel sensitive.

Here’s the best part.  Using the discount code of BeBetter813B you will get 70% off the retail price.  Crazy right?  They are normally $129.99 but with the code you get a 7 day supply for $39.00.  Visit Dazzlepro – use the promo code BeBetter813B.  and SMILE 🙂




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