NuMe Signature Ionic Hair Dryer

by Laura Kronen on January 21, 2014

colorful blow dryersNuMe’s Signature Ionic Hair Dryer, simply put, blew me away. Yes, a quality hair dryer makes all the difference and it’s worth investing in a good one. This blowdryer combines style AND function.  It comes in black, purple and hot pink (that’s the one I have).

In the past, blowdrying my long hair always seemed like such a chore with my old dryer and now I actually enjoy it. Well, that’s not entirely true, I’d still rather have someone else blow it out for me, while I sit sipping a mocha cafe latte, but I do love the speed at which this dryer dries my hair to the bone and how smooth my hair looks when I’m done.  I am not as much of a slave to my straight iron anymore.

NuMe’s Signature Series hair dryer utilizes Negative Ion Therapy and Infrared Heat Technology. Moisture is infused back into hair while reducing styling time by a proven 40% (although mine was more than 50%!) and gives you shinier and healthier looking hair. There are two air-flow concentrators in large and small to keep the negative ions right where you want them and lock in moisture to seal your hair cuticle in the direction of your style.  The result being hair that’s bouncin’ and behavin’ and looks like you just stepped out of the salon.

I tend to drop my styling tools often, and usually on my toe, so I love this dryer’s curved handle which keeps my grip tight and secure and even better, my hand never hurts from holding it because it is so lightweight. NuMe $219


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