Eraclea Lite and Brite Review

by Laura Kronen on February 11, 2014

lite and briteThe name alone lured me in:  Lite and Brite by Eraclea.  My favorite toy was I was just a little girl was my precious Lite Brite.  I could sit for hours coming up with different patterns and pictures snuggled up under my Holly Hobby blanket. Today however, there is nothing I like to experiment with more, than skincare products.  I know those two things have absolutely nothing to do with each other besides the name, but in my mind all the dots connect.

One of the most obvious hallmarks of youth is a glowing complexion with even skintone. Brown and red spots from sun exposure, discoloration, and uneven patches can get in the way of that. Lite and Brite by Eraclea is a topical treatment that is formulated with proven lightening and brightening ingredients including potent brighteners such as kojic acid, resveratrol, and licorice root extract. The formula also includes a patented complex of the super antioxidants including green tea leaf extract and retinyl palmitate which deeply hydrate the skin for prime lightening conditions.

After using for just one week, my skin looked evener, plumper and brighter. Eraclea $80



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