Get Moving! Nike FuelBand SE Review

by Laura Kronen on February 6, 2014

nike fuel bandsHave you ever wondered exactly how much you move throughout the day?  There seems to be an influx of wristband fitness trackers on the market today to let you know exactly that, and Nike is a leader in that arena. I recently got a Nike+ FuelBand SE (the SE stands for second edition) and it has not been off my wrist, aside from charging it, since the day I got it.

If you are looking for a kick in the pants to stay active and watch your progress, you need to try this tracker. Not only does it track all movement in Nike Fuel terms, it also shows calories burned, how many steps you have taken all day, nudges you if you’ve been sitting for too long and lets you differentiate between a casual stroll and a heavy workout (or even just reading a magazine). Also, when you double-click the wristband’s button, it also displays the time on the screen.

The sleek design is waterproof, meaning you can wear it in the shower but Nike does not recommend wearing it for swimming or bathing as submersion will damage the band.  With options such as crimson (red), pink foil or volt (yellow) splashed on certain parts of the band (the bezel, clasp and battery doors), the colors breathe personality into the device. There’s also an all-black option for those who like to remain neutral and my personal favorite, the silver limited edition FuelBand. I always have to be different.

The band has a single-button design with LED display. It feels light on the wrist, and the smallest size fits mine perfectly without feeling too snug. It comes with filler pieces, too, so you can add and remove to tailor the fit to your size, whether it’s tiny or large. I’ve been wearing it on my right hand for no reason at all except it seemed like a good idea. It took me awhile to get used to sleeping with it on.  Every so often it creeps up too high on my wrist and gets uncomfortable while I sleep, but I am noticing it less and less.

Nike utilizes Bluetooth Smart technology to the FuelBand, which makes the setup process easy and instantaneous and makes playing around with the app on your phone a new addiction. Charging is simple, too. The FuelBand plugs right into your computer’s USB port without the need for a dongle or cord. By popping the small button near the band’s Nike+ logo, the band unhinges and the USB connector appears. Charging this way makes traveling with the band extremely easy since all you need is the wristband tracker and the accompanying app.

The FuelBand focuses on Fuel points, which is the main metric used throughout the band. You can also differentiate times when you’re at the gym or working out. By holding down on the start button and watching the display count down from 3, it will kick off a session that can last however long as you choose. The app provides a snapshot of the fuel you earn during that time, such as the average amount earned for each minute. To end a session, you stop it by pressing and holding the band’s button once again.

You can also team up with other Fuelband users so you can compare and contrast your progress against others. For those into gratification (like me), there’s trophies and achievements that can be earned along the way. Woo Hoo! $149 Nike



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