Candy Lipz Review

by Laura Kronen on April 22, 2014

lip plumperSome crazy things have crossed my desk, but this one definitely wins the superlative of “Most Unusual”.  Candy Lipz is a hand operated suction cup that enhances the size and appearance of the lips temporarily.  You can shape and contour your lips the way you want without fillers and injections.

This lip enlargement device is designed to be used hands free and produce results in just two minutes that last for up to two hours (and even longer with daily use) Results prove to be luscious, poutier lips with a more contoured cupid’s bow, fewer lips wrinkles, and a natural rosy color.

There are 2 different sizes, and if you never thought of the size of your mouth, now you will.  Small/Medium is the standard, average mouth and is about 2″ long.  If you have a Julia Roberts type kisser with considerably fuller and longer lips, you might want to consider the large size.  There are also a few different models of Candy Lipz depending on the look you want your lips to take on.  You can make your lips look single lobed, or double lobed.  Bet you never thought about that before.

natural lip enhancement

It is a pretty strong suction that occurs on your lips and it gives a slight pinch as well.  But the stronger the suction, the bigger your lips become.  You lips may also bruise a tiny bit after the first time using the lip enhancer, but it shouldn’t happen again after you give your lips a little rest.  No pain, no gain, right?

All parts are biodegradable, eco-friendly, non-toxic and ultra-hypoallergenic. CandyLipz $69.99


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