Dermaflage Review

by Laura Kronen on May 7, 2014

dermaflage scarDo you have embarrassing scars, marks, lesions or other skin imperfections that you’d love to really be able to conceal but plain old foundation and powders just don’t do the trick?  Look no further.

Invented in Hollywood by a Special Effects makeup pro, Dermaflage is a revolutionary scar and wrinkle concealer that you definitely want to check out. Whether an accident, surgery, severe acne, or deep wrinkles left you with less than perfect skin, you do not have to accept it. Dermaflage hides any recessed imperfections for up to 36 hours and has been referred to as “Instant Botox” because it gives 100% concealment in minutes.

scar concealment

This is not makeup. This silicone-based topical treatment is used to fill-in and smooth out any type of facial and body concern (even those mean mommy lines between the eyebrows). With it’s skin tone matching options and mechanical applicator, it is super easy to use (just 3 steps!) and produces amazing results that last for a day and a half.  Plus, it’s waterproof!

Dermaflage is non-irritating, non-invasive and clinically and dermatolgically tested. Dermaflage $50


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