DazzlePro’s Oscillating Toothbrush Review & Promo Code

by Laura Kronen on August 20, 2014

dazzle Pro Sonic ToothbrushDoes anyone use a traditional toothbrush anymore?  You know, the kind that your dentist still gives you in your swag bag after your bi-annual cleanings?  I have an impressive collection of these relics on the off chance someone spends the night and forgets their toothbrush (it’s never happened).

It seems as though those old school toothbrushes are making their way into retirement because the battery operated spin brushes just make your mouth look and feel so much cleaner.  But, little did I know that a sonic pulse toothbrush would kick that clean up to a whole new stratosphere.  Your mouth has never felt or looked this clean and fresh.  

DazzlePro’s Advanced Oscillating Toothbrush is designed to offer a sophisticated brushing experience while providing superior oral cleaning through its oscillating action. Its specially designed toothbrush head surrounds each tooth combined with its powerful 8,800 oscillations per minute (impressive!) providing an effective cleaning action that eliminates plaque, resulting in a noticeable difference!  Your dentist will see it too! Come with 2 heads, a dual voltage charging base and a one year warranty. Available in blue and grey. 

I also tried out DazzlePro’s travel version of the Sonic Pulse battery operated toothbrush (pictured above) and I love it just as much!  It’s waterproof, has 2 different levels and 28,800 teeth shining sonic strokes per minute.  It’s also available in 7 different colors for the fashionista in you. I chose purple.

(Although these toothbrushes are incredible, they will not do anything for a potty mouth or a mouth like a sailor, so don’t expect miracles.) 

Using the Promo discount code Sonic7Daz for the Advanced Oscillating Toothbrush you can save 80% plus get free shipping! Only $29.99! Click here! 

Using the Promo discount code Sonic7Travel for the Sonic Pulse Travel Toothbrush you can save 60% and also get free shipping! Only $10.99 Click here!




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