The Top 101 Things I Am Thankful For

by Laura Kronen on November 26, 2014

grateful quotes

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.  What are you thankful for? Here are my top 101 things:

 Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Every new day being a new opportunity.
  2. Unconditional love – that’s the very best kind.
  3. My family which is my greatest support system.
  4. Parents who gave me my entrepreneurial spirit and told me there was nothing I couldn’t accomplish.
  5. My children and their endless love, laughter, energy and creativity.
  6. The cupcake trend and my relatively fast metabolism.
  7. Neighbors that I adore.  There is always a cup of sugar or a glass of wine available at all times of the day.
  8. Standing Friday night Mexican dinners (and that means margaritas too!)
  9. Being able to reframe things and see them in a different light.
  10. My super powers – intuition, passion and determination.
  11. New York City.  You can take the girl out of the city, but can’t take the city out of the girl.
  12. Blue skies and big white fluffy clouds.
  13. The number 13.  It’s my favorite.
  14. Winning City Finals in tennis. Twice.
  15. Open roads and a fast car.
  16. People that I can always count on.
  17. Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows on a cold day.
  18. Lychee martinis and Extra dirty Martinis with blue cheese olives.
  19. Christmas decorations.  I’d decorate in July if I could.
  20. Palm trees and hammocks and the sun on my face.
  21. My photographic memory.
  22. That spiders don’t fly.
  23. Texas Hold ‘Em.  And I’m thankful that I don’t live near a casino.
  24. Forgiveness – giving it and receiving it.
  25. My job and clients – I truly love what I do.
  26. Sunglasses – I’d be blind without them.
  27. Good news
  28. GPS – otherwise I would be permanently lost.
  29. People who go the extra mile.
  30. Surprises especially those with fancy ribbons on them.
  31. Fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies with extra chocolate chips.
  32. My iPhone (and life line).
  33. Seat warmers in my car.
  34. Synchronicity – those moments when all the stars align.
  35. Crangrape juice – It’s saved my life more times than I can count.
  36. Birthday cake.
  37. Inspiration -it’s everywhere I turn.
  38. Live music and singing like I just don’t care who is listening.
  39. Confidence.
  40. Insulin – without it, there would be no me.
  41. Making others happy.
  42. Killer high heeled boots. The higher the better.
  43. Fresh iced tea with lots of lemon.
  44. Late night bonfires and s’mores.
  45. Pure Barre – it’s changed my body.
  46. Surprises that arrive in the mail.
  47. Making a difference in the world. Helping inspire people with diabetes to live a better life.
  48. Witty people with one liners and impeccable timing.
  49. Advice – giving and getting it.
  50. Knowing how fortunate I am.
  51. Laughing till it hurts.
  52. My feet – they are cute, take me where I need to go and take a pounding on the court and the treadmill.
  53. Straightening irons.  Curly hair does not flatter me.
  54. My power of persuasion.
  55. Bloody Marys with extra everything.
  56. My strength – both physical and mental.
  57. My competitive nature. I’m always in it to win it.
  58. Experience – it’s the best teacher.
  59. Tears that release heartache.
  60. Fiverr.  My favorite website. Makes my life so much easier!
  61. Glitter and sparkles. On everything.  I’m a girly girl.
  62. Halloween – my favorite holiday.
  63. Fresh cut grass – love the smell.
  64. Compliments – both giving them and receiving them.
  65. For being able to live in the moment.
  66. Scratch off lottery tickets.  Especially when I win.
  67. Memories. So many.
  68. My furry warm snuggly blanket.  I take it on trips with me.
  69. Believing that one day there will be a cure.
  70. Wine with friends – we do it often enough!
  71. My best girlfriend who knows everything about me
  72. Instagram.  My favorite form of social media.
  73. Aleve.  My body is in a constant state of soreness.
  74. Endless energy.
  75. Lactose free milk.
  76. Rainbows. Who can’t be in awe of them?
  77. Learning something new almost everyday.
  78. The perfect pair of jeans.
  79. Bluetooth in my car.
  80. Fluffy and cozy hotel robes and room service.
  81. Snowflakes and catching them on my tongue with my boys.
  82. Hugs from my children.  There is truly nothing better.
  83. Long eyelashes and pink glossy lips.
  84. Warm fuzzy socks.
  85. Great customer service.
  86. Swimming in the ocean when you can see the bottom.
  87. Good manners.
  88. Pilots.
  89. When a smell takes you back instantly to a place in time.
  90. Open minded people.
  91. Cruises.
  92. Suitcases that roll in every direction.
  93. Wishes on shooting stars, wishbones, dandelions, 11:11 & birthday candles. I am also thankful my son is so selfless he always wishes for a cure.
  94. My assertiveness.
  95. Online shopping and the time it saves me.
  96. Seinfeld at 10pm.
  97. People that like me for who I am.
  98. Snuggling with my boys every night.
  99. My new glamorous laundry room. If you have to do laundry you might as well love where you are doing it.
  100. Steel grey manicures with sparkles
  101. YOU!



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