Luminess Airbrush Cosmetics Review

by Laura Kronen on August 25, 2015

luminess airbrushMany people believe that perfection does not exist.  It is only a theory that we have in our minds and cannot possibly be a reality. In fact, it is said that if we seek perfection we will always be disappointed.  I truly believed all that hype, until I discovered the Luminess Airbrush System.  And now I can have perfection (at least on my face) every single day.

Erase your imperfections instantly with this airbrush makeup kit which provides the lightest delivery of water-based formula foundations. As you push down on the nozzle, mineral-based pigments  are propelled into a fine mist which naturally feathers out upon contact with skin. This results in a fine layer of coverage which uses 10X less makeup than traditional water-based foundations.  The Luminess Kit comes with a moisturizer/primer, blush, skin brightening glow, bronzer and four different colors of foundation so you can blend and compliment to your skin tone. And, probably the best part of this kit is it took me about two minutes to learn how to get the hang of it.  That works for this busy girl.

The result?  A pristine complexion which gives new meaning to the phrase, putting your best face forward. Super model status is yours! Work it.

Luminess – $199


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