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It was year ago I reached out to you over my low self-esteem. From living at home, a lack of a social circle, and no relationship experience, I felt these things were holding me back. I was even self-conscious around my own family! 
From practicing eye contact to self-affirmations and forcing myself to see things in a different light, I really do notice a difference in myself compared to a year ago. Professionally I feel more confident in my job than I was last year. 
.As for dating I’ve learned to let go of how I might think women would view me, physically or emotionally. I’ve also learned how to deal with rejection. I don’t care anymore about trying to impress anyone…I’m impressed with myself! 
Had we not met like we did, I don’t know if I’d be where I am right now. All I know is that I’m so glad I filled out that contact form on your website to schedule an introductory phone call all those months ago.I revisited your website and reread some of your articles…they’re so helpful I think I’ll reread them every now and again! Thanks again…

Name witheld, Atlanta GA

“Laura was what the Doctor ordered for me! I was seeking a life coach because I one day aspired to be a life coach; however I had to gear up my own life first.  I gravitated towards Laura because she was so easy to talk to while being non-judgmental; so it was very easy to be open and honest with her. She helped me gain clarity on my desires/goals and held me accountable on action steps towards achieving them.  In less than a year, I looked back and suddenly I had a new job, new car, and a confidence that know I can achieve anything I want to in life. Thanks Laura! You’ve provided me with tools that will advance my life for the rest of my life; for that, I’m forever in debt to you. My sincerest gratitude.”

Janae, Atlanta, GA

“Laura, it has been great working with you and I cant thank you enough for your excellent advice and contribution to my well being. You are a lady of many talents. I have a new found confidence because of your assistance over the past 6 months. Thanks to you, I have been able to defeat my addiction issues and I will forever be indebted to you for your help. I cannot thank you enough.”

Gary, Atlanta, GA

“To say that Laura helped me achieve my goals is a huge understatement! In the 16 months I spent working with her, my life changed entirely. When I started out, I was sad, overweight, and unsuccessful in my career. I had experienced many setbacks and knew that something had to change. Laura helped me get on track with my health and career. Speaking to her week after week made me accountable for my actions in addition to keeping my eyes on the prize. When progress slowed, Laura kept me motivated and still had tricks up her sleeve! Overall, I lost 30 pounds, was accepted into a prestigious graduate program on almost a complete full scholarship. In the midst of my journey towards bettering myself, I met someone very special with whom I’ve been in a meaningful relationship for 9 months. After working consistently with Laura, I now have the tools to reach any goal I wish to achieve. The person I was before is a distant memory and I can say with certainty that I would not have been able to make this much change without Laura’s help! Thank you!!”

Becca- Chicago, IL

“What I most liked about working with Laura is her ability to get me to focus and motivate me to achieve things that I had, in the past, only dreamed of. I learned so much about myself and what I ultimately wanted out of life. I have rebuilt my confidence and self-esteem. I am, without a doubt, a better person because of the coaching I have had with her. I actually feel like I can conquer the world (and I am!)”

Stephanie D – New York City

At first I was skeptical about going to see a life coach thinking it was a gimmick or for the desperate. I was proven wrong. Though scary to open up to someone I didn’t know about my insecurities, I found I could trust Laura to listen and be nonjudgmental as well as not ‘sugarcoat’ the problem challenge me to step outside of my comfort zone. Now I feel better about myself and know where I’m going and what I want in life. Seeking help is a sign of strength, and if you need help or want to overcome any insecurity in your life, you won’t be disappointed with Laura.

ND, Atlanta, GA

“Laura Kronen helped me overcome my issues with Type 1 diabetes. I felt lost and alone and used to use my disease as a crutch and an excuse. Now I realize that having diabetes and facing the challenges that come my way every day actually makes me a STRONGER person. After just a few short months, I have a whole new outlook on the disease and myself! If you have diabetes, or need help overcoming any obstacles in your life, Laura is definitely the Life Coach you want.”

Rori S.  

“I am embarking on a new chapter in my life and I am so excited! I have Laura to thank for that. Instead of a mid-life unravelling, I feel like a door has been opened to the most fulfilling part of my life. – and I can’t wait! I finally feel like I know who I am and what I want. And, now I have the tools in place to get exactly that.”

Janice Carson, LA,CA

“Laura has a natural gift for life coaching. She’s patient, understanding and a great listener; however, she also makes sure that you walk away from each call with specific tasks and objectives that require work on the client’s part. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is interested in improving or enhancing some part of their personal and/or professional lives.”

Andrew D – Chicago

“Without a doubt, Laura Kronen is the best life coach in Atlanta! I can say this because I think I interviewed all of them! She is truly gifted. From our very first call, I knew that she was the one that was going to make a difference in my life. Laura helped me break free of the chains that were holding me back. She was there for me more than just once a week, i continually felt her support. I am finally comfortable with myself and confident with my life direction. I can’t thank her enough.”

Julie, Atlanta, GA

“Laura has been an amazing life coach helping me identify a lot of things that I felt I was missing and yet could not put a finger on.
She helps see things from a different perspective, focus on things I had ignored or just not paid attention to, but are essential for me to be happy.
She helps define goals to work towards and targets to achieve. She constantly monitors the progress and advises when necessary.
I believe the life coaching lessons from Laura are helping me address parts of my behavior that will help shape me into a happier person.
What started off as a process to start a new venture has now helped me learn more about myself and what makes me happy.
Thank you very much Laura.”

MV – Atlanta. GA

Laura, with  your help and guidance I’ve gotten my problems under control and I’m now able to pursue my goals and dreams without being plagued by the insecurities of others. I’m ready to go it alone again, thanks to you! I can’t thank you enough for all the help.

Patrick, Atlanta, GA


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