Relax your Mind, Body and Soul with the AcuMat

by Laura Kronen on July 21, 2010

While a bed of nails conjures up images of torture, the new AcuMat:eco is anything but.  Consisting of a foam mattress with plastic spikes attached, this revolutionary acupressure mat has many benefits including providing better sleep, stress and pain relief, circulation improvement and mood stabilization.  Lying down on the AcuMat the first time gave me an unusually warm sensation which soon vanished.  Although skeptical at first, I have to admit that I did feel pretty incredible after using it… so great, in fact, that I’ve been using it every day.  Reason being that pressure from the spikes activates the body’s production of two feel good hormones,  endorphins and oxytocin. And when those are pulsating through your body, you feel happy, well balanced and ready to take on the world!  Bring it on!  StyleWellness




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