Makeup Brushes – Are they all the same?

by Laura Kronen on September 9, 2010

Mac Buffer Brush

Mac Buffer Brush

The answer to that is no.  No need to beat around the brush here.  The tools are just as important as the makeup itself, you found the perfect powder now you need the perfect brush to apply it.   A great natural makeup brush with powder diffusing bristles is worth the splurge and should be considered an investment piece.  The good ones will last forever with a bit of care.

The ideal makeup brush is the perfect blend of softness and firmness and a good makeup brush will help you apply makeup as it was intended to work.  Many experts prefer natural hair brushes of goat, sable, squirrel, pony, or a combination for appeal and durability, but there are also some excellent synthetic brushes on the market that look and feel like natural hair.  Synthetic or natural, good brushes have hairs that are hand placed and graduated rather than sliced.  Each is formed precisely – specialized as to their function. They may shed a few hairs now and then, but they will not thin out and lose their shape.  Inexpensive brushes usually have cheap wood or plastic handles that can break or feel sticky and awkward in your hand.  Good brushes have smooth, easy to hold handles in lacquer, matte, silver, wood,  lucite or crystal that give you control over the brush.

My absolute favorite for years and years is the MAC 182 Buffer Brush $47. Mac Cosmetics


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