The Midas Touch – Christine Valmy’s Golden Full Face Collagen Mask

by Laura Kronen on August 11, 2010

Gold has become a go-to ingredient in skin care products. Spas advertise gold infused facials and luxe brands like La Prairie and Guerlain profess that the gold ingredient in their skincare lines will make your skin look younger, plumper and softer. So, when I saw the Christine Valmy Golden Collagen facial mask, I was lured in to give it a try. The mask is a visual delight. The thought of enveloping my visage in this golden face shaped gelatin mask was very enticing. The potent ingredients actually erase fine lines and add instant radiance while the electromagnetic properties improve blood circulation and protect the skin from free radicals. There’s also all sorts of anti oxidants in there too – like gotu kola, bilberry and echinacea to rejuvenate skin and make it more youthful looking. If you are allergic to metals, i do not recommend, but for everyone else… all that glistens IS probably gold. $16.50 Christine Valmy

Christine Valmy's Golden Collagen Full Face Mask

Christine Valmy's Golden Collagen Full Face Mask


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