Take the Drama out of Shopping

by Laura Kronen on August 26, 2010

Saks_Bags_SmIt’s happened countless times to every woman. You shopped till you dropped, thought you had some killer outfits and when you come home and try them on again, you are wondering if your eyes are deceiving you. Why doesn’t that cute top and those skinny jeans look as good as they did in the dressing room? And, just as often, the opposite can occur too. If you aren’t prepared for the dressing room, that perfect outfit doesn’t stand a chance of coming home with you. Here are some helpful tips for avoiding dressing room debacles:

1. Don’t become a fashion victim by shopping for all trendy pieces.  True style combines the perfect mix of classic and of-the-moment pieces.  I always recommend spending your money on great basics – the perfect little black dress, a great pair of heels, the perfect pair of jeans, a fabulous handbag.  All of these things will get multiple wears and be the foundations for putting together almost any outfit.  Then you can mix in the trendy things.

2.  Wear minimal accessories when shopping for clothing – you do not want to snag something that you do not even own.  Plus, the wrong accessory can kill an outfit.  Just as the right one can make it look incredible.  Shopping for accessories is just as important as shopping for clothing.

3.  Check out the lighting when you are undressed.  If you look a whole lot better without clothing on than you usually do, chances are the lighting is adding to that effect.  (Unless of course you have been dieting and exercising lately!)  Keep in mind that once you hit daylight or fluorescent lighting, you might not love that new dress as much.

4. Choose the right undergarments.  It’s best to wear the bra type that you wear when dressing up rather than a sports bra, for example.  Depending on what you are shopping for, you might want to take a strapless bra with you as well.  And, always wear a thong.  Panty lines will always ruin the look of any outfit.

5.  Take some heels with you.  You would be surprised at how the right shoe can transform any look.

6.  Think ahead.  That awesome bright blue and green dress might look amazing on you, BUT what shoes are you going to wear with it?  If you have to go shoe shopping too, the outfit might just break the bank.

7.  I love boutiques, but their return policies are usually not very good.  Make sure you have no doubt in your mind when purchasing clothing from a boutique or small retailer, as you might be stuck with it forever, or worse holding a credit that just sits in your handbag, until you lose it.

8.  Take a friend shopping with you – a real friend – the one who would let you know if you had spinach in your teeth.  Nothing takes the place of a second opinion.  Asking the salesperson is usually not a good idea.  I have done tests, putting on ridiculous, ill-fitting outfits and asking salespeople what they thought of them.  I received honest answers less than 25% of the time. Not a good track record.


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