The Psychology of a Bad Hair Day

by Laura Kronen on August 27, 2010

Blowout by Natalia

You know the kind of day it’s going to be when your hair does not behave.  Its very true that your locks can have mega impact on your mood.  It is proven that bad hair can increase self doubt and social insecurities.  Studies have even shown that bad hair days can lead to poor job performance as well.  Sound dramatic?  Well, try saying it’s not a big deal to a woman going on a date or giving a presentation to a large audience.  Like the old saying goes “a woman’s hair is her crowning glory.”

Bad hair days are universal, and affect every race, nationality, age group and socioeconomic status. Luckily there are so many treatments available out there to help make your hair look stellar all of the time. One of my favorites is the Brazilian blowout.  You are practically guaranteed perfect hair every day for the three months that follow receiving the treatment.  I was surprised at what a simple process it was. After being washed twice with clarifying shampoo, my hair was covered in this miracle keratin product that coats each strand with proteins and fills in gaps forcing strands to lie flat and repel humidity.  Next, it was blown dry and then flat ironed to seal all of this magical potion in to the cuticle of the hair.  In a little over one hour, my sometimes frizzy long tresses were transformed into perfectly straight, silky gorgeous locks. I wanted to go out dancing in the rain!

My drying time is now cut in half, my flat iron hasn’t seen the light of day and I do not have to use any product in my hair.   I will go without food before I sacrifice getting this treatment.  I am hooked!  If you lucky enough to be in the Atlanta area contact Natalia at Blowout by Natalia at (678) 570-1307. She will change your life.


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