Wedding guest faux pas eliminated with Bandaid Friction Stick

by Laura Kronen on September 14, 2010


It is an odd phenomenon that you will see take place at pretty much every wedding you attend. About two hours into a bridal reception, as the dance floor heats up, you will see groups of women dancing either barefoot or with stocking covered feet. Shoes are usually kicked off and scattered about on the edge of the dance floor like crumbs underneath the table at a five year old’s birthday party. I could completely understand this if the wedding took place on the beach, but at an indoor venue, not so much.  Would you take off your shoes at work and just walk around barefoot? How about at the mall? Or at a gallery opening? So why is taking them off at a formal wedding acceptable?  Shoes should not hurt your feet, and you should never have bought them if they did.

Band Aid has created a genius product which stop blisters from forming with a silicone based lubricant. When strappy shoes are threatening your good time, swipe on Bandaids friction stick to stop the chafing. And keep your shoes on, please.


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