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by Laura Kronen on September 16, 2010

Organic Avenue LOVE cleanse

Organic Avenue LOVE cleanse

You want to lose five pounds fast?  You need to not only be able to zip into that dress by Saturday night, but you want to look stunning in it too.  No small feat when that zipper is having a hard time budging and its already Monday morning.  When you need help zipping, start sipping!  Try a cleanse.

My favorite one is the Five Day LOVE (Live Organic Vegan Experience) Easy Cleanse by Organic Avenue.  It consists of 2000 calories of juice and raw foods.  All juice and food is: raw (unheated), organic (no chemicals added), vegan (no animal by-products).  The ingredients alkalize your body and help promote PH balance for optimal health.  They have some tasty juices and foods and they are packed with vitamins. Each program consists of seven different items, delivered or picked up fresh each day. You will receive an email with a “L.O.V.E.note” with instruction, a time schedule, information and daily inspiration. Each day is a bit different.  You will also receive a complimentary consultation designed to let Organic Avenue know your health needs and to tailor an on-going vibrant health program specifically for you.  The cost is$350 for the five day cleanse, its pricey, but totally worth it before a big event or to jump start a change in your lifestyle. Organic Avenue


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