Sephora mascaras- For ridiculously dramatic eyes

by Laura Kronen on September 23, 2010

Sephora Atomic Volume

Sephora Atomic Volume

Stranded on a desert island with just one makeup allowance, it would be a tough call as to whether I would insist on bringing lipgloss or mascara.  That is, up until I tried the Sephora brand of mascaras. Lucky enough to first snag both the Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara and Sephora Lash Stretcher as 100 point bonuses at Sephora, I am now completely hooked. They go on clump free, thicken and lengthen like crazy  (think Kim Kardashian), and come off just as easily with makeup remover.  The mascaras are not waterproof, which is fine by me because I am not a huge fan of the waterproof variety, but you can bat your eyelashes all day, spend the afternoon basking in the sunshine, or dance long into the night, and still come out looking perfectly dolled up. Important for life on a desert island, don’t you think? Sephora $15


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