Easy ways to feel better about yourself NOW

by Laura Kronen on September 27, 2010

Has your “me” time has been reduced to a quick shower or a trip to the local supermarket?  Time to do something nice for yourself (or others) and to recharge your batteries. You will be surprised what a little break can do for your emotional and physical happiness!  Here are some suggestions:

1.  Exercise. It can be as simple as going for a walk.  A little fresh air and getting up the heart rate does wonders for your mood

2.  Take a bubble bath. Sounds so cliche but something about relaxing in a tub makes your worries slip slide away.

3.  Organize yourself. Your desk, your closet, your junk drawer.  A little sense of accomplishment is a mood booster

4.  Do a random act of kindness. You will feel good about it all day – maybe even longer.

5   Forgive someone. Whether its just in your head, or a public apology, the act of forgiving is an instant mood enhancer.

6   Volunteer your time in helping others or even donating some money.   The selfless act of giving gives you the warm fuzzies.

7.  Laugh – call a friend and let her chew your ear off.  Make sure you call the friend that always makes you laugh till you cry.  Believe it or not sometimes crying makes you feel better too!

8.  Throw yourself into a good book or a favorite hobby. Anything that can focus your mind on something other than the issues at hand is a good distraction

9.  Meditate – a little ohm and finding your center helps to balance your mood and your chakra

10.Take care of you. Give yourself a mask, paint your nails, go buy some new eyeshadow and experiment.   Small efforts yield great rewards.


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