Love Your Abs Exercise Cards

by Laura Kronen on October 14, 2010

Love Your Abs Exercise Cards

Now you have no excuse. The Love Your Abs Ab Exercise Cards makes exercising on-the-go a breeze and coming up with unique exercises that work all the different parts of your abdomen muscles a cinch. That’s always the hardest part. You lay on the ground, ready to start channeling your inner six-pack and the only ab exercise you can come up with is a regular sit up.

Designed especially for women by celebrity personal trainer and author of the Easy Workout Book, A.J. Jackson, the 22 Love Your Abs Exercise cards now gives you variety at your fingertips. You can mix it up every day with a plethora of exercises for both lower and upper abdominal muscles as well as those hard to tone obliques.

A portion of October sales of Love Your Abs Ab Exercise Cards goes to Project Boobies for Breast Cancer Month. Visit Love Your Abs to purchase and to also get information regarding personal training by AJ Jackson.


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