Sony E-reader scores on style

by Laura Kronen on October 20, 2010

Sony E-reader

Sony E-reader

Sometimes you do judge a book by its cover. A true reader can get lost in the words, but the case of an E-reader it is not always an afterthought (especially for fashionistas!).

Sony introduces the pretty pink reader as a nod to everyone’s love of personalization and self expression as well as a terrific way to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

During the month of October, you have the opportunity to purchase a special Sony Reader package that will include the Reader Pocket Editionâ„¢ in pink, a coordinating cover accessory plus a Sony eBook Store coupon code for the free download of two themed books (this one and this one).

As in previous years, Sony will donate $10,000 to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in connection with the sale of its Breast Cancer Awareness package. $179.99 Sony


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