Make Room for the Mom Cave

by Laura Kronen on April 3, 2011

Move over musty mancave and make room for the the perfectly decorated mom cave!  Clearly jealous of the increasingly popular “man cave” matriarchs are carving out a gender-specific home region of their own. They call it the “mom cave.”

The mom cave is different from the quintessential man cave, where men do manly, messy and sporty things, often involving a recliner. A mom cave is for doing womanly things like projects! And nurturing yourself! (Imagine that!)

Wondering how to outfit your very own zen like refuge? Here are some things you could include:

  • Scented candles
  • Down Pillows
  • All sorts of reading material
  • A cozy chair or glamourous chaise
  • Plush rug
  • Candy (every woman needs a stash of her very own)
  • Momentos
  • Scrapbooks
  • Photos
  • Giftwrap and presents
  • A Yoga Mat
  • Ipod and player
  • Anything that makes you smile

Keep in mind that if you are non-crafty and non-girly and want a more masculine version of a mom cave with a bar, pool table, and a place for your girlfriends to spend time, that’s ok too.  As long as its your own personal space.

Of course, times are tough, and not everyone has a separate room in the house to devote to a maternal hide-away, but if you can turn a section of a room into a place for personal pursuits, and you are able to close the door and tune out the world, you have succeeded.


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