by Laura Kronen on January 1, 2011


Every new day is an opportunity to become a better you, but the start of a New Year, especially, brings life changing resolutions to many.

By setting more realistic goals for yourself and not limiting yourself to a once-a-year, do-or-die, all-out assault on that mountain of debt, those not so toned thighs, or the scrapbooks that have not magically put themselves together, you may find that the finish line isn’t so far away after all and stick to your goals.

Start the year with small, manageable changes to your lifestyle. Instead of saying, “I am going to do this, and I am going to keep it up all year” , you should say, “what can I do today to help me achieve my goals?”  It is proven that the feeling of satisfaction is the same whether you accomplish big things or little things, so set goals that you can meet. Sometimes people set their goals too high, for instance,  ‘getting my life back together, and those things are just way too big to keep track of, to know whether or not you’re even making progress on them.

Also, resolutions should accentuate positive.  Instead of making a resolution that you are going to lose weight, instead make your resolution that you are going to get healthy this year.  And incorporate all of your lifestyle changes to help achieve that.  You might do more than just lose a couple of pounds.

What if, in addition to having resolutions, you could start appreciating yourself for who you really are in a genuine way, having nothing to do with who you are on the outside?  What if just being yourself, the way you are right now, is good enough? The concept of being your authentic self is liberating, exciting and fulfilling. When you have the courage to just be who you are, without apology or pretense, so much of the suffering, stress and worry in life simply disappears.

Whatever the new year means to you, let it be a time of introspection and self-evaluation allowing you to chart a course to better yourself.  Maybe you want to focus on your appearance, maybe you want to take your stress level down a few notches, find your authentic self, or perhaps even open yourself to true LOVE. Make 2011 YOUR year and become a better you. Just take it one step at a time.


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