Make Flying the Friendly Skies Even Friendlier

by Laura Kronen on January 19, 2011

Now that the holidays are behind us and winter has settled in, many of our thoughts turn to escaping from the bitter cold and taking a well deserved vacation.  If you are planning to fly to your destination, here are some tips for making your travel a bit easier:

  • Check the weather in advance. It gets cold in even the warmest climates every once in a while.  Be prepared.
  • Whenever possible, roll your clothing. This prevents garments from wrinkling and saves space.
  • Take a carry on with some toiletries and a change of clothing in it.  You never know when your luggage will end up somewhere that you aren’t. Pack socks because you might want to take off your shoes and out of respect to those around you, its nice to keep your feet covered in something.  Plus, your piggies will probably get cold.
  • Also stash some healthy snacks in your carry on too.  You are most likely going to crave something other than peanuts and pretzels, and if you aren’t lucky enough to be flying first class you are going to be out of luck.  And, as a side note, remember, salt is not your friend when flying.
  • Always take a cashmere scarf or blanket on an airplane. You will be cozier, comfortable and most importantly warm when the cold air inevitability comes rushing out from those little overhead nozzles.
  • Bag all of your toiletries in big ziploc bags to prevent leaks and fashion disasters like your clothing being destroyed by OPIs latest nail polish shade exploding over the contents of your luggage.  It’s happened to me.  Not pleasant.
  • Load up your favorite music and movies on to whatever Apple product it is that you own and that has made Steve Jobs an obscenely wealthy man.

Your skin and hair tend to get parched 30,000 feet in the air.  Keep the following products handy to freshen up before touchdown…you never know what paparazzi might be waiting:

  • Saline – noses tend to dry out from the contained and recirculated air, just a squirt will make all the difference.
  • Eye cream, moisturizer and lip balm- Just as the air dries out you nose, it also dries out your skin.  Smooth some of your favorite product around eyes, face and lips to moisturize your skin before making your exit.
  • Volumizing Hairspray – Locks tend to get flat while flying.  Pump up the volume in the bathroom before deplaning.
  • Water – There is no better beauty tip than staying hydrated while flying.  Drink one 8 oz bottle for every 2 hours in the air.

Happy Travels!


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