Wardrobe Snafus and How To Fix Them

by Laura Kronen on January 10, 2011

Potentially embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions and clothing snafus happen all of the time.  Here are some tips on how to recover if your fabulous outfit turns against you.

Battle of the Bulge

Nothing disrupts a sleek line like a buckle bulge. Avoid such disruptions and keep your pants in line with sleek belts like Belly Ups Belly Ups provides all the support of a belt (i.e. plumber’s crack prevention) without the bulge.

Keep a Boot Up

Knee and thigh high boots are everywhere you turn the season and they look nothing short of hot, as long as they remain standing at attention. Fortunately, products like Boot Stay adhesive sag preventers help keep boots up, preventing floppy footwear and dreaded cankles.

Don’t be a bag lady.

Have an overloaded bag that you can find nothing in and makes your shoulders hurt by the end of the day?  Nothing says unorganized like a bag filled to the brim with old receipts, gym clothes and a half-eaten bag of M & M’s.  The smaller the better when you are trying to make a chic appearance.

Watch the hems.

In heels your pant cuffs should clear the ground by about an inch.  In flats it should be just above the ankle bone.  Any longer or shorter and that cool outfit is now going to look like a mess. Time to find yourself a tailor.

Black on Black

If you are going for the back in black look, make sure your blacks match.  Check them out in full on sun.  A quick check keeps you looking chic.  Blacks that are off just make you look sloppy.

Keep the deodorant where it belongs, under your arms.

A fabulous Rescue Sponge from Miss Oops instantly vanishes those pesky deodorant marks that are almost impossible to avoid. A few quick rubs and the unsightly white stain will vanish before your eyes!

Dressing Up? Your hair should look the part

If you are going all out with the dress, you should never go for the just out of bed tousled look with your hair.  Your crowning glory should be equally as glamourous as what you are wearing.

Plan to be in pictures?

Bright lights at night, such as flashbulbs, can make certain fabrics see-through. Don’t fall into a classic paparazzi trap by wearing something that turns sheer under the flash of a camera or you’ll be seeing your panty lines and headlights forever in print.

Backless doesn’t mean letting it all hang out.

Wearing a bra with backless dresses or halters is not an option.  Try a nipple concealer from Boob-Eez. These handy concealers are perfectly sized to only cover what needs to be covered without adding extra bulk to the breast and are virtually invisible even under super flimsy garments.

Stick ’em Up

Forget the double stick tape at your local drug store, Hollywood Fashion Tape was specifically designed to keep your garments in place, be it plunging necklines, loose straps, screwy hemlines, flapping belts, etc. This apparel tape was designed to move with your body and your clothes and will stick to your skin no matter what.

Flip the Flops

Flip-flops de-glam almost any outfit you can think of—with the exception of shortie shorts and a bikini top. So when you’re headed out to anywhere other than the boardwalk, beach or to get a pedicure, wear something a little dressier, even if that’s just a beaded pair of sandals.


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