A Get Happy Checklist

by Laura Kronen on April 4, 2011

These research backed mood boosters come straight from doctors (and me).  Here are some shockingly simple and guaranteed ways to put a smile on your face:

1.  Exercise – It’s the number one secret for getting happier and doing it quickly.  Some studies say it’s just as good as anti-depressents.  Even a single workout can give you a boost, relieve stress and release feel good endorphins.

2.  Eat breakfast –  Fill your belly in the morning and it prevents grumpiness by early afternoon.  And, coffee doesn’t count as breakfast.

3.  Speak up – Asserting yourself enhances self confidence and shuts down feelings of helplessness.  Plus, chances are, you are going to get what you want, and that is going to make you happy too!

4.  Do a little bit less – Just take some time to” be.”  Many people think the more they do and accomplish each day, the happier they will be.  While that might be true for some, for most people, there’s just too much “doing” going on and not enough enjoying what has already been done.

5.  Focus on memory making – Spend more money on experiences and less on material things.  Those are the things you will look back on and will make you happy.  Don’t get me wrong, a great pair of shoes makes you happy every time you put them on, but swimming with the dolphins or zip lining through the rainforest, you will remember for a lifetime.

6.  Get some fresh air – A green floor and a blue ceiling has some major beneficial effects on your mood. Just five minutes outside breathing in the fresh air will give you a little skip in your step.

7.  Hugs and kisses – It’s critical to have physical affection in your life. The power of touch is a magical thing.  Even holding hands is enough.  It doesn’t have to be a significant other either – a child’s hug is just as powerful.

8.  Face your challenges – The more you put something off, the more anxious you are going to be about it.  Time to actually do the things on your to-do list.

9.  Say something nice – Let a compliment fly and make someone else happy.  You would be surprised how that rebounds back to boost your mood.

10.  Be grateful – Focus on the good things in your life.  Write them down if you have to.  Sounds silly, but it works.

Now c’mon get happy!


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