When Disaster Strikes, Just Whip Off Your Bra

by Laura Kronen on April 12, 2011

Ever think that the right bra could change your life? Now, when you end up in a disastrous situation like say a volcano, fire or biological attack you can use your bra cups as a life saving device, but you’d better hope you’re wearing the Emergency Bra. Simply unsnap the bright red bra, separate the cups, and slip it over your head — one cup for you, and one for your friend.  These strap on face masks will filter out harmful airborne particles until you and your buddy reach safety.

This highly unusual piece of lingerie is the brainchild of a Ukranian radiation explosive expert. And don’t feel left out boys, she’s creating an emergency dress shirt for your safety too. Only problem with these wearable filtration systems is that in order to be REALLY safe you will have to wear it every day. Not very likely that is going to happen (but then the biological attack isnt very likely going to happen either.) But, if you are paranoid, you can of course, buy more than one…Check out the bra at www.ebbra.com. $30


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