Prep Your Skin for Spring

by Laura Kronen on April 15, 2011

We all know that when winter rolls around, it’s crucial to prepare your skin with the right products and treatments for the elements it is about to face:  a dip in temperature, lack of humidity and the redness, tightening and flakiness that comes with it. But what about when the temperature starts to rise?

During the winter, metabolism slows and skin doesn’t naturally exfoliate as quickly as normal. You are going to want to exfoliate gently without irritating the skin so that makeup looks fresh and pretty.  The liver naturally detoxes during spring, so your skin may break out more.  To treat breakouts, use a clay mask over moisturizer and steam your face over a bowl of hot water. Add rosemary for some bonus aromatherapy.   Also, it is important to cleanse from the inside-out, so drink tons of water, eat the proper diet, and take vitamins too.

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