Think Twice Before Testing Makeup

by Laura Kronen on April 28, 2011

Do you realize that the makeup you are trying on at cosmetic boutiques might be contaminated with staph, strep, herpes and E Coli bacteria? Makes you want to step away from the counter, doesn’t it?  In order to buy makeup appropriate for our skin tone, sometimes it is necessary to try on a lipstick. bronzer or foundation. So what’s a girl to do?

Well break out the alcohol wipes, and follow these simple rules for germ free tester application:

  • For eyeliners and lipliners, completely sharpen the pencils with a disinfected sharpener.  Three turns will do it.
  • For concealer sticks and lipsticks, dip the entire stick in alcohol.  Then, wipe off the top layer with a tissue and apply with a disposable applicator
  • For powder blush and bronzers, wipe down the entire pan with an alcohol swab and then scrape off the top layer with a tissue so you are not applying wet powder.
  • For lipglosses, lipgloss pots and loose powders, just skip it.  Steer as far clear as possible.  Those are contaminated throughout and there is no way to clean them.
  • For Foundations, if they are in a pump or tube, just swipe the opening with an alcohol pad, but if the opening is wide enough for a finger to get in, skip that too.
  • Stay far away from mascaras.  Even though most counters cut off the wands, they still offer disposable applicators which customers double dip, defeating the purpose.  You could end with pink eye or a nasty sty.

Happy testing!


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