Build Self Confidence-Face Your Fears

by Laura Kronen on September 6, 2011

“The way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear.”~ William Jennings Bryan

You can look at yourself in the mirror all you like and tell yourself that you are going to do great giving a speech on stage, that you are going to get that new job, that you are going to ask that woman out.  It may help you to move forward with more confidence and self-esteem.  But, if you don’t actually face your fears you won’t experience self confidence on a deeper and more fundamental level. Having experiences where you face your fear is what really builds self confidence. There is no way around it. Realize that fear is often based on unhelpful interpretation. A remembrance of past experiences that don’t necessarily add up. Running away from your fears don’t make them go away, that just makes them bigger than ever. So it is time to face your fears and get them over with.  Here is how you start:

1. Examine your fears. Get them out in the open. What is it that scares you so much? What are the common fears that effect your daily life? Fears usually come down to insecurity and uncertainty of something. Examine exactly what it is. Be honest with yourself as well. Trying to convince yourself it’s not there doesn’t make them go away.
2. Educate yourself on your fears. Before you can face them, you need to learn more about what makes you fearful of these situations. It could be from a past experience. Something that has caused you to never forget and has made you fearful since then. It could also be from hearing someone else speak about a situation, or even watching it on TV.  It’s important to educate yourself on all the facts that make you fearful of this situation.
3. Select one fear at a time that you want to work on. Don’t worry about how daunting the fear is. You’ll face it anyway. You do not want to overwhelm yourself with all of your fears at once.
4. Develop faith in something. To face fears, you got believe in something. Whether it’s religion, god, yourself – you have to believe in something. When you have faith in something, you can then start facing your fears. You will have this feeling that everything will be okay (which it will!)
5. Change your outlook. Don’t think about the past and what has happened. If you dwell on the past, that’s all you’ll have are fears. You will never gain the courage to face them.
6. Go on and do the thing that scares you most. Get on that airplane, rush out on the stage, go to that dinner party alone, ask for the promotion you deserve.  You will feel strong, empowered and fearless when you are done!  And make sure to reward yourself after.

Another surefire way to learn to face your fears is to take a personal empowerment class like that taught at the Firewalking Institute. In addition to firewalking, you will also master and be able to teach other people accelerated learning, glass-walking, steal bar bending, using mind over matter to break pointed arrows with your throat, board breaking, smashing cinder blocks with your bare hand, and many other remarkable skills. Plus, you will learn leading-edge exercises that facilitate attaining personal empowerment. When you are through with the 5 day course, you will be actually be certified to teach firewalking and all of these other skills, but many people take this course solely for personal empowerment and spiritual insight, with no intention of ever teaching. (Chiropractors, salesmen, corporate trainers, meeting planners, spiritual leaders and motivational speakers, in particular, have found this course to be invaluable.)

I am taking this course in December myself and I cannot wait! Please visit the Firewalking Institute for more information and to find upcoming courses in your area.


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